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2023 / 24 MMHA Fundraising


We have moved to an electronic cash raffle fundraiser. Send your unique code to family and friends, or find the player you would like to sponsor AT THIS LINK HERE.

This year we are not offering an opt-out option.
Each family will be required to pay $200 at time o
f registration. After you sell your raffle tickets, you will be reimbursed your $200. NOTE: This $200 payment is per family unit, not per player. 

Email any questions to:

Congratulations  to our 2022/23 raffle winners!

Grand Prize Winner:
Marla Mlodzinski of Kleefeld won $4736.00

2nd place winner:
Meagan Desautels of Winnipeg won $2368.00

3rd Place winner:
Brent Pasichnyk of LaBroquerie won $1420.80

4th place winner:
Derek Onraet of Gundy Lake Bay won $947.20

5th place winner:
Joyce Wolfe of Mitchell won $710.40

6th place winner:
Kayla Bartel & Jorden Wolfe won $473.60

7th place winner:
Warren Kohlenberg of Winnipeg won $473.60

8th place winner:
Jason Fehr of Mitchell won $236.80

FIVE $100 winners:
Jeff Gulyas - Winnipeg
Alvina Ansley - Mitchell
Craig & Hailey Loewen - Randolph
Nevin Bachmeier- Kleefeld
Melanie Loewen - Oakbank

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